Birth Classes on YouTube


Replays available through 3/31/21



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Class 1: The Cervix and Limp and Loose in Labor

Class 2: The Baby and Breathing

Class 3: Contractions and Movement

Class 4: Early Labor and Sleep + Denial

Class 5: Monitoring and Vocalization

Class 6: Lamaze 6 Healthy Birth Practices + Support

Class 7: Epidurals and Visualization

Class 8: Induction Part 1 + Peaceful Environment

Class 9: Induction Part 2 + Hydrotherapy

Class 10: Pushing and Counterpressure

Class 11: Cesarean Birth and Releasing Fears

Class 12: Baby is Here and Massage

Class 13: Pain Management and Layering Technique

Class 14: Childbirth Class Quiz

BONUS: 15 Minute of Dedicated Practice After Every Class

Join the Channel for justĀ $2.99/month and get exclusive access to a BONUS practice session happening right after each class. This practice session is perfect for expecting families wanting to have a tool box of skills ready to go for the big day.