Childbirth Class for the Other Half

Online Course

SupportingHer is an easy way to learn what you need to know, at your own pace, in two hours from your computer or phone. You can pass on the boring books and all-day classes and be confidently ready for the big day.

2 hours start to finish


Actionable Lessons

You’ll learn how to define your role in labor, communicate with hospital staff, provide physical and verbal support and deal with any curve balls. You’ll also learn what to say and what never to say to a woman in labor.


Real Partner Interviews

Insights into the partner role are provided by many who have been in your shoes. Many students list the interviews as a favorite aspect of the course.


Game time handouts

The SupportingHer includes half a dozen valuable cheat sheets that serve as quick reference guides from pregnancy through postpartum.

Handouts Included in the Course


"This program was exactly what I was looking for in the weeks leading up to our big day. I felt relaxed. I was prepared and excited to be her partner and support!"

Brian Sobb

Dad from Toledo, Ohio

“There is enough to worry about whether you’ve been through this process or not. When you can remove some of the question marks with regard to the childbirth process, it makes it a less stressful situation for all. SupportingHer gives you a lot of insight of how to prepare, what to expect and how to best be a cheerleader and supporter to your wife. SupportingHer gives you a lot of alternatives in how to deal with different situations that may arise during the process. A calmer Dad makes for a calmer Mom. I would highly recommend SupportingHer for any Dad to be.."

Korey Prefontaine

Dad from Atlanta, Georgia

"SupportingHer provides no-nonsense facts, suggestions, tactful alternatives, and takes the fear and mystery out ‘having a baby’ by addressing hospital protocols and managing expectations when interacting with your partner’s doctor, midwife, and nursing staff. Finally, a self-learning tool for the partner to embrace and become the best support person EVER both prenatally and beyond."

K. Langdon, MD


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